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About Madera Pumps

  Madera Pumps has served the needs of growers and municipalities in the central San Joaquin Valley since 1977. While we have traditionally specialized in the sale, installation and service of all sizes and types of pumps, we have expanded our offerings to become key facilitators for the delivery of one of the worlds most valuable resources - water. Our team of professionals are experts in optimizing the transfer of groundwater to thirsty crops, livestock and people. We are committed to insuring that our customers receive an efficient and uninterupted flow of water each and every day. Let us help you achieve your water goals!



Pump parts and motors wear out, well casings develop cracks and linings become clogged over time. We use a number of diagnostic tools to determine the causes of your well and pump issues. Once we have performed the necessary analysis of the situation we can deploy a host remediation services and suggest new products that will render your water systems significantly more efficient and reliable. For more details about our offerings go to "Products/Services".


Commitment to Our Customers

We have a successfully worked with growers and municipalities for many years. We understand that weeks or even days without water impacts crops, animals and people in a way that is unacceptable. We also know that deploying preventative measures are the best ways to insure that systems are functioning when the need is greatest. Let us educate you on some of our maintenance plans that can mitigate the risk of system failure for your operation or city.




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