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After several years of operation well water flow rates will diminish to the point where they can be almost half of what they had produced when originally installed. Pumps need to work harder or operate longer to deliver the same amount of water through casings that are clogged with hard water scale (calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese salts) and bacteria (biofilm). Not only does this impact the life of the pump but it also increases the time it takes to get water to thirsty crops, people and livestock. These inefficiencies translate into higher costs for you.

Madera Pumps offers a host of well and pump services in addition to several new products that will significantly improve the overall efficiency of your water delivery systems.

Water System Diagnostics  

The first step in solving any problem is to accurately determine the causes of those issues. We utilize a number ofdiagnostic tools to better understand whether a reduction in water production is caused by a malfunctioning or ineffiencent pump or if the well itself has been compromised in some way.



Well Services

Video Surveying and Analysis

Our state-of-the-art water well video inspection service captures full color video up to 1,800 feet into a well. With this tool we can detect cracks in well casings, offset breaks or plugged perforations, “ovaled” casings, improper gravel packing, bacterial buildup and mineral incrustation.


Mechanical Cleaning

We offer a number of different cleaning services, depending on the severity or extent of the problem, that loosen and remove debris or bacterial residues in an effort to help restore the well to its original performance levels.

Steel wire brushing and swabbing removes particles and biofilms that clog the well linings and screens. Air lifting is a procedure that extracts the loosened debris from the well prior to the reinstallation of the pump motor.



Pump Services

Removal and Installation

Our team of highly skilled electricians, pipe fitters and pump experts are adept at removing old or installing new and rebuilt units quickly and thoroughly. These professionals are the best at what they do to install new water delivery systems or restore existing ones to their original design. Madera Pumps operates a full service tool and die shop to handle any and all custom irrigation or municipal water system installations or reinstallations.



Bearings, bowls and impellers wear out over time and need to be replaced in order to insure that water systems are operating at the highest levels of efficiencies. We rebuild and restore pump motors to their original specifications. Our full service shop can handle any job big or small.



New and Rebuilt Pumps

We offer both new and rebuilt pumps of all sizes and capacities. Manufacturers include Peerless, National, Goulds and Grundfoss.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Pumps

The latest in variable speed pump technology is now available from Madera Pumps. These new“smart” devices can significantly decrease energy consumption and costs, while at the same time prolong the useful life of motors. We are partnering with those companies that have products that are guaranteed to deliver long term performance and efficiency. 







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