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Pump Testing

Madera Pumps is your local resource for pump testing. We apply our decades of experience to evaluate pump efficiency and recommend solutions that can lead to tangible energy savings.


With Madera Pumps as your pump test provider, you're assured that you have a full knowledge of current pump efficiency. We provide a thorough test report of all your pumps and track changes over time to offer you impactful improvement recommendations and monitor changes in performance.  

Why is Pump Testing Important?

There are a ton of moving parts hidden underneath the surface so having a basic understanding of what is happening down hole is vital to developing a solution that works

We use a variety of different tests, processes and formulas to gather the information we need to make informed decisions. A key formula well specialists use to make baselines assessments on a well calculates Specific Capacity:


Specific Capacity (SC): SC = Q/s​
SC = Specific Capacity (gpm/ft);   Q = Discharge (gpm);  

s = Drawdown (ft)
Drawdown = Static/Standing Water Level (ft) – Pumping Water Level (ft)

This data helps us to evaluate the well’s performance and capacity, as well as the aquifer’s water flow. The data on the pumping rate and water levels is essential to choose the right pump size for optimal efficiency and lower pumping costs over time.

Along with Specific Capacity Testing, we also employ Well Recovery Tests to gauge the well's ability to recharge after stress testing the system. We generally conduct Well Recovery Tests for a minimum of two hours and record the well's ability to recover once every two minutes.


Common Issues

Irregular Noise

Air In Lines

No/Low Pressure

Motor Not Functioning

Sediments in Water

Video Van Inspections

With a dual view camera, Madera Pumps can inspect both the bottom and the sides of a well. A side view gives a clear, 360 degree picture of the well’s condition. It helps our team identify any issues with the casing, screen, encrustations, deterioration, perforations, blockages or other physical damage. A copy of the recorded video can be provided for your record keeping.

After a well video has been assessed, Madera Pumps can help you restore and enhance your well’s performance. Our skilled team can analyze your well video and recommend the best solutions for fixing your well casing and increasing your well output. Get in touch with us for more information.

Successful Well Rehabilitation


What Our Customers Are Saying

Very nice people. Easy to deal with. Had a new well that presented itself as a problem and they worked very hard and saw it through. I now have good water again. A HUGE thanks to all involved!

Allen A.

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