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Water Well Services

Madera Pumps is the Valley's leader in Water Well Services. We take wells from initial Well Development to Well Abandonment and provide options to extend the life of a well.


Well Development

Madera Pumps offers Well Development services to help you maximize your well’s potential and performance. We guide you through the process of cleaning up the well, testing its capacity, and designing the best pumping plant for your needs. We perform step tests and recovery tests to find the optimal operating point and assess the aquifer’s characteristics. We also inspect the well condition with a video camera before installing any pump.

Well Rehabilitation

Water wells need Well Rehabilitation to solve problems that affect their performance, such as Mineral Deposits, Bio-Fouling, Sediment Accumulation, Corrosion, and Physical Damage. These problems can reduce the Well Yield, increase Energy Consumption, increase TDS, reduce the Well Lifespan, and decrease the Irrigation Uniformity and Crop Yield. Well Rehabilitation restores the Well Screen and Gravel Pack to near original condition by removing or dissolving the contaminants or blockage. Well Rehabilitation is also cheaper than drilling a new well. 

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Pump & Motor Maintenance

Well Pump & Motor Maintenance is a vital step in ensuring a cost-effective and reliable water source for your Farm, Home, Municipality, or Dairy. Regular maintenance can help you prevent costly and inconvenient breakdowns, lower electricity usage, and prolong the life of your Pump System.

Pump Testing

We employ a number of different tests, processes and formulas to gather the information we need to make informed decisions. Conducting Pump Tests is a vital step in establishing baseline performance metrics like Static Water Level, Pumping Water Level, and Specific Capacity. Madera Pumps also records and archives Well Video Footage, and can provide the footage upon request to enable customers to maintain their own historical records of their Pump Tests and progress. 

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Theft Prevention

Theft Prevention is important for protecting your water supply and your property from criminals who may target your well for nefarious reasons. Some of the materials that are commonly stolen from wells are copper wires, pumps, valves, pipes, and fittings. These materials are oftentimes sold for scrap metal or used for other purposes by thieves. To prevent Well Theft, we install Electrical Lock Boxes, Fences, Lighting, Locks and Gates to secure your well and deter unwanted guests. 

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