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Well Development

Well development is a vital step after drilling a new water well. When Madera Pumps develops a new or existing well, we maximize the yield of the well and to optimize the filter capacity of the gravel pack. With maximum yield and the information gathered from the development process, Madera Pumps can design the most efficient pump for your irrigation needs.

Well Development Techniques

Madera Pumps uses a number of different techniques to develop newly drilled wells:

Over Pumping

A Developer Engine is used to pump a well at 2-3 times the designed flow for a prolonged period.

Air Lifting

Air is injected into the hole to lift the water column, and shut off so that the column falls back flushing water through perforations


Forcefully moving water into and out of the well screen to clear sediments and ensure proper porosity


Specialized brushes & swabs are employed to mechanically remove sediments and contamination

What Our Customers Are Saying

Very nice people. Easy to deal with. Had a new well that presented itself as a problem and they worked very hard and saw it through. I now have good water again. A HUGE thanks to all involved!

Allen A.

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