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Well Services

At Madera Pumps, our Well Services stands as a distinctive hallmark that sets us apart from our industry competitors. What truly differentiates us is our unwavering commitment to well rehabilitation and repair, and our unique approach that ensures quality and efficiency. We take great pride inconducting all our well  restoration services in-house. This means that from start to finish, our dedicated team of well experts will personally oversee every aspect of your project, guaranteeing the results you expect.


Well Repair

 Agricultural & Municipal​

  • Swage (casing repair)

  • Fishing 

  • Reline

  • Foundation Repair

  • Sealing 

  • Bailing 

Well Rehabilitation

 Agricultural & Municipal​


  • Airlift

  • Brush

  • Fracking - Well Development (engine)

  • Air Blasting - Well Jetting   


  • Brush & swab (surge blocking)

  • Surging 

  • Isolation Airlift

  • Chlorination / Sanitatio

  • Water Chemical Testing

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Other Well Services

  • Well Video - Indexing 

  • Well Abandonment

  • Well Inspections 

  • Well Sounding (Standing and pump water levels) 

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