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As Madera Pumps comes up on almost five decades of leadership in the water and pump industry, we proudly stand as trailblazers in well rehabilitation, an arena where we have not only set industry standards but pioneered innovative solutions. Alongside this commitment to excellence, we are thrilled to introduce Mike DeMitchell as our new Assistant General Manager, whose distinguished job history positions him as a key player in propelling our legacy of innovation and customer-centric excellence forward.

Pioneering Well Rehabilitation: Madera Pumps has emerged as a leader in well rehabilitation, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable water management practices. Our expertise extends beyond traditional pump solutions, encompassing the restoration and optimization of existing wells. By pioneering innovative rehabilitation techniques, we have not only extended the life of aging wells but have also contributed significantly to the conservation of vital water resources.

Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture: Our dedication to well rehabilitation aligns with our broader commitment to sustainable agriculture. Madera Pumps recognizes the critical role efficient water sources play in modern farming, and our innovative solutions ensure that growers have access to reliable, optimized well and pumping systems. By continuously refining our rehabilitation techniques, we empower agricultural operations with cost-effective and environmentally conscious alternatives to well replacement.

Mike DeMitchell's Job History: Welcoming Mike DeMitchell as our Assistant General Manager brings a wealth of industry expertise to Madera Pumps. His extensive job history underscores his commitment to operational excellence and strategic leadership. Previously serving as a Senior Branch Manager at Mitchell Lewis and Staver, and later as a Division Manager at Alliance Plumbing, Mike's professional journey reflects his ability to drive growth and manage diverse teams effectively.

Conclusion: With Madera Pumps at the forefront of well rehabilitation and Mike DeMitchell joining as Assistant General Manager, we embark on an exciting chapter of innovation, growth, and customer-centric excellence. Together, we will continue to pioneer sustainable solutions in the water and pump industry, delivering reliable and efficient services to our valued customers and growers in the Central Valley and beyond.

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Introduction: Madera Pumps, a well-established leader in the well pump industry, is embarking on an exciting journey of growth and expansion. To support this endeavor, we are actively searching for a talented and dedicated Assistant General Manager to join our team. If you are a motivated professional with a passion for excellence and a desire to contribute to a thriving company, we invite you to explore this exceptional opportunity to shape the future of Madera Pumps.

Why Madera Pumps? With a history of 45 years in the well pump industry, Madera Pumps has built a strong reputation for quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. As we continue to evolve and expand, the role of Assistant General Manager becomes vital to our success. Joining Madera Pumps means becoming part of a team dedicated to pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

How to Apply: If you are ready to take the next step in your career and contribute to the success of Madera Pumps, we encourage you to apply for the position of Assistant General Manager. Follow the links below to submit your application on LinkedIn and Indeed:

Application Deadline: 12/20/23

Join Madera Pump: Become an integral part of Madera Pump's journey towards excellence. Apply today to join a company that values dedication, innovation, and a commitment to exceeding customer expectations. Your skills and passion could be the key to driving Madera Pump's continued success.

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