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Giving New Life to Water Wells using

Well Rehabilitation & Repair 


The most common rehabilitation methods for water wells include one or more of the following treatments:


Physical/mechanical methods: brushing, swabbing, surging, and fracking


Chemicals/acids to dissolve obstructing materials from the aquifer and into the well


Pump test data is used to help determine the efficiency and capacity of the well

A Successful Well Rehabilitation Will:

Increase Specific Capacity

Removes variables that impede the flow of water from the aquifer into your well and restores well performance back to specification for increased irrigation efficiency and distribution uniformity

Increase Life of the Well

Removes factors that can damage or degrade the well, which avoids the need for costly well replacement

Decrease Energy Costs

Improves the pump’s hydraulic efficiency, reducing the pumping head. This increases efficiency, reducing energy costs and putting more money back into your pocket

Increase Life of the Pump

Reduces the stress and wear on the pump components, which prolongs the pump’s performance and reliability.

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